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John Weber

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John B. Weber brings over 35 years of financial transaction experience in helping companies of all sizes across many industries obtain debt and acquisition financing. As a commercial banker for several large regional and multi-national banks, John’s knowledge of credit analysis, cash flow lending, bond financing, and many other forms of financing has helped hundreds of clients obtain the capital funding that they needed to grow and prosper. John has actively assisted clients on both sides of acquisition transactions with a passion for creating transactions that meet the goals of all parties involved, from discussion phases through negotiation, documentation and closing. John has experience in a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, franchising, distribution, logistics, transportation, healthcare, service, not for profit, and international financing. Most recently, John was the Executive Director for a public/private partnership that assisted minority owned businesses in obtaining capital for growth. In this capacity, and in a very short timeframe, John and his team helped over 100 companies find, or start the process to find the financing that they needed. John is and has been active in several finance industry associations, and most recently was an At Large Director for the Chicago Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, and is a Board Director for the Exit Planning Exchange Chicago Chapter.

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