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Tracy Sabol

Midwest Insurance Group


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As your agent:
As your agent and advocate I believe in offering options that best fit your risk tolerance. I do this by taking the time to get to know the business philosophy, practices and company culture. I truly believe in treating my clients like I would like to be treated: with professionalism, promptness and attentiveness to their business needs.

Professional qualifications:
I use a consultative approach to help clients control costs, manage risk and develop a customized insurance package to fit their needs. I embrace challenging program opportunities and use detailed oriented skills to accomplish the best solution for my clients. I strongly believe in doing what is right for my clients and demonstrate a high level of service.

Experience and expertise:
I have a unique background working in the Construction and Retail Buying industry prior to joining the Insurance industry 13+ years ago. I provide solutions to my clients within multiple industries, including but not limited to, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Retail, Hospitality, Wholesale/Distribution, Construction and Non-Profit.

 SQF training
 FSMA training
 Preventative Controls
 OSHA training

 PWCA ~ Professional Workers Compensation Advisor

Associations and board positions:
I am active in the Oconomowoc community & serve in a volunteering capacity at many levels.
 Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation
 FaB Wisconsin
 ABC of Wisconsin
 PIA of Wisconsin – Board of Directors
 WiM (Women in Manufacturing)
 MMAC Women’ Networking Group

In my free time:
I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters. I love traveling and enjoy all kinds of activities outdoors.

I also have a strong interest in reducing Food Insecurity and continuing to understand & support Mental Health.

Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries (MBBI)
1018 W. Madison St. Suite 9
Chicago, IL 60607

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Illinois: 847.847.7703 
Wisconsin: 262.893.8691


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