A full-service marketing agency and software development firm, based in the Midwest is planning to sell selected assets of its Email Marketing Solutions Division. The Division is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based email marketing solution, often called an Email Service Provider. The Company launched the Division in 2001 to capitalize on the fast-growing email marketing industry. The product currently boasts about 150 clients, about 500 users, and sends approximately 1.5 million emails a day. The Division offers strong customer service and has experienced excellent customer retention rates. The Email Service Provider market has grown rapidly in step with the overall growth of email in general. The size of the email industry according to a Jupiter Research analyst report in 2005 was $885 Million. The market is expected to rise to $1.1 Billion by 2010 or an approximate 4.4% annual increase. The Division is positioned as a Mid-scale provider, with large Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small professional services businesses. The last complete year of revenue (FY 2006) was over $700,000. The Division has experienced excellent profitability.

Gross Revenue
Cash Flow
Not part of sale.
Reason for Selling
Other corporate initiatives.
Market Outlook Competition


Management Support
Support will be provided for a period of time after the sale.
Gross Revenue Comments

In excess of $700,000