Remix work – Record Label already provides remix services to other labels, the majority of it for Sony/Jive & Universal, (i.e.; Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, Estelle, Ciara, and Janet Jackson). They offer a broad range of styles to include; House, Electro-Dance, and Urban as their main Remix Producer has produced dozens of Billboard and European dance hits for numerous labels with his remix work. Songwriting – Record label has 7 signed songwriters covering a very wide spectrum of styles and access to many more if needed. Genres in which the writers excel include; R&B, Pop and Country. Music Production: – Record Label can utilize their facility to record from 1 or 2 songs to a full length CD for any artist. The label has the latest state-of-the art equipment and a selection of microphones. The capabilities include programming, arranging (including chamber orchestra or larger), providing exceptional experienced session layers, production and mixing. Video Production – Record Label has an experienced in-house team to create beautifully shot music videos at greatly reduced rates. They are capable of storyboarding the concept, set crew and stylish and can edit and render in-house, authoring the final product (DVD). The company also owns high-end photography and lighting equipment for photo shoots in a green screen room. Graphic Website / E-card Design – Record Label has created a template which has a robust administration backend which allows the site to be easily updatable, includes streaming audio and video, secure commerce store – all easily updatable by the artist or Management. Digital Marketing – Record Label has an in-house team which can offer and provide targeted internet marketing and promotion for artists. The specific sites targeted are predicated on the genre and demographics of the music/artist being promoted. An online campaign of this nature will increase traffic/fans and plays on the various social networking sites, increased online exposure for music videos (Transit TV, Go TV, Clubcom, etc.), increase internet radio spins, and garner reviews and blogs. Record Label also offers E-cards for radio and ring-tone promotion.

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The company is seeking to raise a final round of funding of $750,000 for 10% equity in the
company. Record Label based in Chicago and founded in 2006, Company owns and operates out of a 7,000 sq. ft.
a facility which houses six recording studios, a video editing suite, new media marketing division, a sound stage and
executive offices, the In-house staff includes a General Manager, VP Promotion, VP A&R, National Sales Manager,
Production Director, experienced Producers and Engineers representing a total staff of 25 individuals, Complete
vertical integration of music and video production all the way up to mastering and duplication (outsourced), Record
label structure is: Predominantly R&B and Pop with 10 artists currently signed to the label, Publishing Administered
by Primary Wave Music Publishing, All artists are distributed in the US by EMI (exclusive) and Toys Factory (nonexclusive-Japan)

Record Label can become a significant growth vehicle. There is a considerable pool of talent in the Midwest. No
major record label is present in the area which has a population of 75 million within 5 hours drive. Have very close
ties to radio & club DJ’s, media personalities, concert and event promoters on the one side and ties to major
distribution on the other side puts the Record Label in the unique situation to attract, develop, promote and create a
significant demand and a fan base for recording artists. Even though Record Label is based in Chicago their sights
are aimed also outside the US music market (the label already produced a Brazilian samba/dance album and albums
for Japanese market). All of this is being done with highest artistic qualities and manageable expenditures. Record
Label has created a model and a development/production structure that enables it to have finished product and all
ancillary income streams at a very profitable cost basis. The key management has significant experience at upper-level management positions both at EMI and Universal coupled with their passion to create a success on the
independent level. Record label managed to build a team of individuals that not only have a superb professional skill
set but are true music lovers with the highest level of personal integrity.

Todd Cushing
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