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Southeast Wisconsin
3235 East Lunham Avenue Cudahy Wisconsin 53110 US

FINANCIAL PARAMETERS:  The acquisition should include 10 to 50 employees, $1M-$5M of revenue, and $250K-$1M of EBITDA.  10-35% of owner-carried financing is desired to share any transitional risk.

GEOGRAPHIC AREA:  This Milwaukee-based investor would prefer a business located within a 5-6 hour drive of Southeast Wisconsin. Remotely-operated businesses are a plus.

INDUSTRY FOCUS:  Industry focus is BROAD.  The stability of its operations is critical and more important than the industry the company operates in.  This investor has familiarity with a wide range of business categories and is very adept with learning and understanding new opportunities. Preference will be given to IT services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and software.

CAPITAL DEPLOYMENT:  This investor is primarily interested in an existing operation that has mature customers, employees, and processes. Looking for a company whose owner is retiring or planning to divest in order to “pursue other interests”.

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John Kielich