MBBI is the premier membership and trade organization in the Midwest for deal makers, business professionals, intermediaries, investors and anyone involved in buying, selling, financing or investing in small to medium sized businesses.  MBBI offers you insight, education, exposure and access to some of the Midwest’s most engaged professionals. We offer educational meetings, conferences and events to assist all members in maintaining and achieving the highest levels of professional qualification. We strive to provide our members with opportunities for personal and professional development. Through MBBI, we formulate valuable business practices, networking opportunities and the ability to collaborate with the best in the business to best serve all customers and clients.

MBBI has created DealMart, a forum to highlight and present deals for members to review, participate in, learn from and engage. DealMart is a comprehensive, online database that provides easier access to business opportunities across the Midwest.  Taking the solidified relationships MBBI has offered its members, we are enhancing networking through our DealMart platform to reach more businesses in the Midwest.  MBBI enables its members to connect easily on a common medium and develop valuable relationships.