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Information Resources

This section of the MBBI web site is dedicated to information resources that are of value to those in the Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition business. This page includes presentations made at MBBI meetings this year, reference documents and various other resources.

  • FILE:  Complying With The Business Brokers Act – Download Now

  • FILE:  Practical Insights for Business Brokers & Other Intermediaries – Download Now

  • FILE:  Terry Kennedy – Continuing Involvement of Owner After the Sale of a Business – Download Now

  • FILE:  Terry Kennedy – The Seller Confronts Due Diligence – Download Now

  • FILE:  Terry Kennedy – Preparing Your Business for Sale – Download Now

  • FILE:  Raymond Kolak – The Dangers of Successor Liability When Buying Illinois Business Assets – Download Now

  • FILE:  Raymond Kolak – How to Draft an Agreement When Buying a Business – Download Now

  • FILE:  Raymond Kolak – Choices in Selling a Business – Download Now

  • FILE:  Michael Liss – Franchise Info Packet – Download Now

  • FILE:  Michael Liss – Starting Your Own Business – Download Now

  • FILE:  Michael Liss – How to Buy a Business – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – Shareholder Drag Along Rights in Illinois – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – Selling a Business – Helping Your  Clients with Their Biggest Deal – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – Pre-Acquisition Agreements –  Confidentiality Agreements, Broker Agreements, Letters of Intent – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – Negotiating and Drafting Pre-Acquisition Documents – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – How to Prepare to Sell Your  Business – What You Need to Know from a Legal Perspective – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – Deferred Price Handouts – Download Now

  • FILE:  Markus May – Buying a Business Overview Presentation – Download Now

  • FILE:  Dave Kauppi – Derail the Deal – Download Now

  • FILE:  Dave Kauppi – Business Characteristics Versus the Offer – Download Now

  • FILE:  Dave Kauppi – Business Buyers Negotiating Tactics – Download Now

  • FILE:  Dave Kauppi – Bridging the Valuation Gap – Download Now

  • FILE:  Dave Kauppi – Avoid These 10 Mistakes – Download Now

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