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Episode 16!           

Russ Plewa

Johnson Financial Group


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I am a senior debt lender and business advisor experienced in closing deals. I have completed 8 acquisitions in 2018 with investors, mgt teams, search funds and family offices and 2 in 2019. Several of these deals were on short time windows (25, 30 and 45 days to close) with private and public companies. I try and use MBBI members as service providers where ever I can. My current focus is on companies with revenues typically between $5 million to $150 million located throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. This allows me to use unique structures that save cash flow and cost, especially with manufacturers.

My difference is that I provide not only funding to complete your deal, but business advice so that your deal closes on time. I also provide proactive long term advice to grow your company.

Other areas I am known for include:
– I am an expert in using tax-exempt financing in conjunctions with major plant expansions and business acquisitions.
– Clients with high growth and leverage.
– Clients closing management buyouts & business acquisitions.
– Ownership transition with privately held companies using seller paper.
– Sales/transition via an ESOP.

Please contact me if you need an experienced advocate to find and buy or sell a company.

Russ earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Marquette University and his MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Russ has held his CPA license since 1998.

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